Have you ever heard about GPS-Drawing?

I grew up on geographic atlases and NASA satellite images.
I like scrutinizing how our Earth looks from above - bizarre road junctions, man-made creations (reservoirs, dams, cities, railways), forests, deserts. I'm sure that we do not need to rush to discover the Moon or Mars - we have so many interesting things on planet Earth!

Recently, I was making a content plan for EV road-trips around Texas, looking for information about interesting places, looking at the development of a network of charging stations for EV, and a puzzle formed in my head - Texas is a flat terrain (deserts, prairies, fields) with dense network of highways, so this state can be a breakthrough in the development of this unusual type of travel - GPS-Drawing!

Usually cyclists and runners create such "drawings", but what if we combine road trips and GPS-Drawing? I have already created several such routes, here is just one of them - the Texas route in the form of Texas!

4 days, Houston, Austin, Dallas, memorial museums and ranches, amusement parks and spas - this is the perfect introduction to Texas.

Sounds like we have a new product.